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healer + energy alchemist


My specialties are...

Clairvoyant Aura Readings, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Intuition Development Workshops, Intuitive Coaching Sessions, and Akashic Records Readings.

I am passionate about...

Empowering people to reconnect with their natural healing abilities. I practice an ancient Shamanic lineage that offers transformational wisdom to help us better understand ourselves and create a world of peace and harmony that starts with each individual.

My career started...

When I realized my life made more sense any time I found ways to serve others with my healing gift. For years, I'd been taking classes and seminars in various energy healing techniques because I desperately needed them for myself. Then I discovered this Shamanic path, and I experienced a transformation that I never imagined possible. I knew I'd found my calling. I also knew the biggest piece of it involved sharing the hope and joy of knowing we're capable of so much more than we're taught to believe.

I pride myself on...

My ability to create a safe, supportive, fun atmosphere in which people can share their stories, bring light to the darkness, learn to live in joy, and be their authentic selves.

When I am not working you may find me...

Managing my freelance digital content business, taking dance classes, concocting a ritual bath soak, playing the Tibetan spring bowls, or snapping photos of my travels. You may also find me bothering strangers with dogs to let me pet them (the dogs, not the people).

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