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My specialties are...

Hair cutting, coloring, and finishing of all sorts.

I am passionate about...

Hair, music, film, TV, reading, and cooking.

My career started...

In high school doing my friends' hair, then officially in 2011 when I graduated the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. I have worked in salons performing all services ever since while constantly continuing my education for this craft. One highlight of my career was working in New York Fashion Week in 2014.

I pride myself on...

Working with each client to understanding how they want to be seen in the world.

When I am not working you may find me...

Listening to music, reading, cooking, and watching old films.


Cuts from $60 and color from $70

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Currently I am inspired by looking at every era and how fashion changes yet stays the same. I think of hair as an accessory that should enhance your confidence. Right now I am into looks that are sophisticated and vampy. I get my inspiration from old films and music videos as well as interior design.